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Craig David’s “1 week” Is Actually About Lesbian Dating | Autostraddle


will hold an important anniversary for some songs fans — it

will be twenty-first wedding of Craig David’s 2000 record

Produced To Do It,

which officially helps to make the album cultivated.

The record showcased hits particularly

“Fill Me In”

, as well as, the hit single

“7 Days”


On a recently available pay attention to the track,

I imagined to myself and tweeted

this rather perfectly described the lesbian matchmaking procedure.

I became just eight yrs old whenever the record album was launched, but those tracks had been on hefty rotation during my home from enjoying all of them get spun on MTV.

“seven days” is a Spanish guitar-heavy bop that chronicles a gathering between one and a lady on a normal Monday. The chorus is particularly addictive and impossible to not sing along to.

How do one explain the lesbian dating process you may ask? Well, I would ike to make my situation by examining the words…

Queers constantly often live in near distance together, therefore it is sensible your buddies are merely a few obstructs out. Exactly what gets myself right here is the attention to information. It actually was one fourth past three, the train smelled damp together with sun hung low in the sky. Within the lesbian matchmaking process, we remember very minuscule details about the exact minute we came across an attractive honey with a beautiful human anatomy. From the the actual particular problems leading up to nearly every hookup, and so I believe noticed in this minute when you look at the song.

Then, we’ve an exchange amongst the listener and David themselves:

I’m only picturing an attractive Ebony blushing femme being struck on by another extremely onward, extremely confident girl and it is making ME blush. Cinnamon king? Yes, we love to view it! As a Black lady that mainly hits on other Black women we completely see myself personally here, rather than to boast on my teasing abilities but i am extremely talented in this arena if the attraction is actually powerful. This moment is very reminiscent of the recounting along with your ladies when you came across an excellent femme at investor Joe’s, or perhaps in line at the regional coffee area immediately after which are inundated with shouts and concerns.

Now, the chorus may be the main indicate my thesis, it’s simply rich:

Let Us break this down in terms of lesbian matchmaking —


We meet on Monday

, seize the digits, timetable a date for the following time. Because who is able to wait a whole week to see a beautiful girl again.


Took this lady for a drink on Tuesday:

during my individual fact
that don’t contains drinking
, this would be the big date in which gender happens. I know, I’m a slut. Not every go out though, some ladies always go slow and I also admire it. Suppose about date following drinking, this is how a kiss takes place at least. You find yourself talking through the night and it is unexpectedly extremely late. She requires if she will be able to crash along with you for evening and so you excitedly discuss the sleep together with her and get to sleep dealing with each other like two lil’ sweeties.


We had been making love by Wednesday:

Okay now intercourse is going on, perhaps y’all both woke up at midnight so it’s now technically the following day and you begin kissing and things heat up and tops come-off and hard nipples get touched. You’re also heading into day two together, in fact it is rather common for a lesbian event. Unless another person’s gotta work tomorrow or even the biochemistry actually appropriate, the both of you will likely be investing a lot of time with each other around next few days.


And on Thursday and tuesday and Saturday:

I’m chuckling because
having an intercourse race is simply so dykey
. Like, y’all spent over one hour merely pleasing one another — but that is insufficient. You must carry on for a few days right and maybe never ever see the light of day until such time you come out regarding the bed room to seize the takeout you bought.


We refrigerated on Sunday:

Without a doubt, god’s time, a day of sleep. Perhaps y’all simply went along to a character’s market, had brunch collectively, or visited the bookstore to
choose some sensual reading for the next time you see both
. Sunday will be the day you’ll function because you can not inhabit lesbian sex satisfaction permanently. In common lesbian relationship style, you’ll be sending this lady a text about how you skip the woman mouth very quickly.

The chorus repeats double so you’re able to truly get an atmosphere for just just how homosexual it is. Really gotta hammer it house. I’m gonna miss around somewhat and secure about truly gay a portion of the tune:

I’ve dropped for someone more or less 3 x in the last four months and each time I keep telling my pals, “she/they could be it!” and so they never ever are. I have so thrilled and spent just for the fizzling out over come within a matter of days. We say this to express, it is a lesbian dating characteristic become like “that one is actually unique men We swear” — for this to then go positively no place. I laugh to keep from weeping. Simply kidding I can’t weep back at my drugs!

I do believe for ladies that date some other women, the limits are incredibly large since it is unusual to obtain another woman that dates females that’s not off-limits for a number of factors — ex of a friend, ex of an ex, a buddy you connected thereupon had been ill-advised — an such like. Whenever you carry out discover some body you have some biochemistry with, it feels specially poignant and revelatory. This is simply not to declare that lesbians cannot have everyday intimate relationships, it totally takes place and other people can perform it without developing thoughts for 1 another. But son do we love a love event that’s both sexually and psychologically extreme!

I listened to this song many times since We sing it in my own head whenever I drift off. It comes to an end utilizing the chorus duplicating before the electric guitar fades aside. I’m certain Mr. David didn’t set out to create a Black lesbian online dating anthem but that is where we are — where i will be — in regards to this classic banger. I can’t wait a little for my after that 5-day go out that ends with passionate making out back at my deck only for you to instantly access the telephone and start texting on how much we skip both already.

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